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Will extensions damage my natural lash?

When applied correctly, no! The health of your natural lash is our top priority at Shine Studio.  With professional training and high grade products we attain the best lash look while never compromising health.  We also offer cleansing and growth products to help you maintain optimum lash vitality at home.

How long can I wear lash extensions?

As long as the lash follicles are sound, you may wear them indefinitely! We are careful to choose the proper weight and length to ensure you may safely continue with extensions as long as you please.

How often do I need to come in for fills?

Your natural lashes have a life cycle of about 3 months and shed at a rate of  1-4 per day.  Some people can go 3 weeks or more between fills, others 2. Please see the policies page for the number of lashes required for different fill appointments.

Can I wear makeup with extensions?

With extensions, you have the look of a coat or two of mascara.  We recommend avoiding mascara, but if you must, only use water-based.  All products applied to lash line need to be oil-free and removed as soon as possible.  Talk to your artist for suggestions and advise.

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